Monday, October 4, 2010

finally ... in tokyo

I've been in Tokyo for two week now and finally, I'm eager to start my blog.
I've decided to write this blog in english, not only for improving my english skills but to make it readable for everyone. And I think its quite funny too :) So please ignore my non-perfect school english, that is sometimes a little halting for sure. Maybe, I will switch to german later, but for now, I will try it in english.

So, how to start. The best first topic is probably about the flight and the first days in Tokyo. where I ran after bureaucratic stuff in a 12 million residents metropolis full of noisy and blinking stuff, without speaking the native language, without sleep for about 26 hours. Was awesome ;)

It took me 2 hours for Berlin --> Frankfurt (the start was one hour late) and ca. 11 hours for Frankfurt --> Tokyo. With waiting time, it was about 15 hours all in all. Seems to be much time and for sure it was, but a look in the past for barely 100 years says that the world has become a village. Back in the past, it took about 3 month, or 1080 hours on a ship, passing storms, seamonsters and sea sickness. In 2010, in took me only 0.0139 x the time, without seamonsters and it was quite more comfortable, too.

I flew with the new A380 Jet. For me, I was very curious about the flight, because my last long-distance flight is ca. 15 years in the past and I was a child as this time. 
The one how likes to know, my seat was about here (red arrow on the picture), but on the other side.

By the way, Frankfurt am Main is the largest Lufthansa-Airbase, what is prooved with the next pictures.

But up to now, the Lufthansa-Airline possesses only three A380 Jet (and the one of my air-route was the first  one :) But without the glory, to be one of the first 500.000 Lufthansa-customers flying with this beauty, it is a long distance airplane like everyone else. Small seats, many people and you feel like a tuna in a can. But the entertainment system is quite good. You have a touchscreen to touch, some of the latest movies to watch and, as the cherry on the top, you can choose between three external view cameras. Unfortunatly, I flew during the night and so there was nothing more than darkness on the screen, interrupted by the periodical flash of the signal light that went:

---flash- flash-flash (3 seconds waiting) - flash-flash-flash-flash-flash-flash-flash-flas-flash-flash
 (have I mentioned that an 11 hours flight at night can be a very boring experience?)

But who cares, the Lufthansa took care for almost everything. The drinks were for free, alcoholics too ;) (at least, if you don't stretch it to the limit) 
 They even put ashtrays in the lavatory, just beside the very obvious notice:

Perhaps it's for testing the discipline of the smoking passengers or it's some kind of joke ... I don't know, but I think it's quite funny. All in all, I can say that the flight was long and uncomfortable, but there was a really good entertainment program on board, the flight was soft and it is much more better than to deal with seamonsters. Only at the landing approach there were some turbulences. Maybe Godzilla, or just the weather.

Finally, we landed in Tokyo - Narita Airport just in time at 07:45 am. And this is what you look like after 11 hours in a plane (even in the A380)

There were two passengers, that collapsed during the flight (happens, even in the A380) and we had to wait for them to be carried away. Hope, that they are ok, but they seemed to be well. 
Just after leaving the plane, I saw my first face mask wearing japanese behind an infrared camera.

It was some kind of scary, but I think he just looked for some H5N1-infected zombies (Luck for me, I wasn't catched, so probably I am healthy and not undead)
The most annoying procedure after arrival was the pass control. We had to fill out an application form (I'm pretty sure, that "application form" is the most frequently used non-japanese word at japanese official counters (really, japanese bureaucracy loves application forms, even more than the german does)). The AF (official short form for application form) was about the reason of the visit in Japan, my adress there and so on (things that I wrote down at least to times before, when I ordered my visa, with an AF of course). But even with this AF, the procedure was long and annoying because they took fingerprints and pictures from every passenger. So this took me again about 30 - 45 min, waiting in a row, before I passed the last control. And finally, I arrived in Tokyo.

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