Wednesday, October 20, 2010

my house, my car, my boat

Not exactly my boat, not even my car or my house, but here I want to give you a virtual tour through my shofu-dormitory:

this is my dormitory
it has 46 single rooms and 5 double rooms and therefore space enough for 56 residents, unfortunatly only male :(
the double rooms are on the 1st floor, single rooms on the 2nd and third floor.

 This is the (main) entrance. Please notice the two signs, that tell you that you are not allowed to enter without permission. So please use the phone to call the person you want to visit and sign in at the guestbook; entrance time - leaving time - reason for the visit. Visiting time is from 9:00 am - 9:00 pm, only in the common room, which is the left door in front of you.
And, please, notice the camera in the upper corner. The oversear's watching you.

This is the entrance from the other side. Looks a little more welcoming, I think.
 Here you see our very homelike common room (just kidding ;) But there is a table tennis plate.

And a very interesting book collection.
when we go upstairs...

there's the common kitchen on the left side.

 with some simple (but really fast) cooking devices.

lets leave the kitchen and go to the laundry room

the washing machine looks strange. However, it's ease of use. Just push the large grey button, than the large blue button. Please do not push any further button.
Fascinating for me, there's no heating, the washing temperature is room temperature (it works ...partly).
For completeness, this is, of course, the toilet:
At least, I hope

 Following the corridor on the right side of the stairs
leads us to my room
which is larger that it looks like (notice air condition, left upper corner)
and fridge, right lower corner

Eventually, this is the view from my (indeed small, but my own) balcony:

thanks for joining the program - arigato gosaimashita °°

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